Goldwin One Tuck Tapered Light Pants

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Goldwin's staple pants, which are popular for their clean silhouette and comfort, have been arranged to be more practical in spring/ summer seasons. Made with a thin and lightweight fabric that has excellent stretchability.

  • Ankle-length with tucked waist and tapered shape for relaxed tapered silhouette.
  • Processed for water-repellency provide protection in case of sudden rain.
  • Easy-to-use elastic waistband with spindles and belt loop
    Right side pocket comes with inner security pocket convenient for storing small valuables.
  • Back pockets are positioned to highlight the curved line of yoke that runs along the hip line.
  • Mesh material for pockets.


Solotex 4-Way Light Stretch (Composite Fiber (Polyester)100%)

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