Snow Peak Home & Camp Lantern

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The Home & Camp Lantern is a rechargeable and portable lamp. The lantern has a USB charging stand, adjustable handle, and dimmable warm light. To use, push the power button once to turn it on and off, and to adjust brightness, hold the power button.


ABS Resin, PC Resin, stainless steel, silicone resin
Weight 500g (Main unit), 250g (Charing stand)
Dimensions Φ124×250mm(Main unit), Φ130×270mm(includes the charging stand)
Lighting Hours 4 hours (when maximum light quantity is used) and 23 hours (when 100 lm is used)
Maximum illumination 400 Lumens
Safe operating temperature when unplugged -10℃~35℃/14℉~95℉, while charging 0℃~35℃/32℉~95℉, while storing -10℃~35℃/14℉~95℉
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