Snow Peak Breathable Quick Dry Dress

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Snow Peak's standard "Breathable Quick Dry" series is popular from early summer.

This short-sleeved dress is voluminous yet surprisingly light. The back is separate and the wind can escape, so it also plays the role of ventilation. It is also a point that the waist fits neatly by pulling the drawcord on the front.

The warp thread is Toray, which uses 50% PET bottle raw materials, and the weft thread is made of eco-friendly material "Primeflex®", which uses 50% recycled materials. In order to ensure breathability, which is a weak point of fabric materials, Toray's patented technology is used to create ventilation holes in the fabric through post-processing to achieve high breathability. The surface is wrinkled to give it a Panama-like look. It also absorbs water and dries quickly, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

Material: 100% Polyester.  Size: Model height 164cm / wearing size S

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